Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting Ready For Spring...

I am getting ramped up for some projects
now that spring is in the air, I can't wait!

I have always loved finding things that were less than grand and making them
uniquely my own but have put much of that aside for sometime between working a
full week (lets just say 40 doesn't hit the mark), taking care of my
little man and trying to keep the house just clean has been all I could muster
these last 2 years. Now that I am home I want to finally get my nest in order.

We have lived in our home for nearly 6 years and I must confess there are
walls I have never painted, yes I said it. If you were someone that had stepped
in my last house you would have never guessed that of me. Just to give you an
idea, we lived in out last house for 6 years and I painted the living room 4
times in those 6 years. But our household has been a busy one since we have
been in this home, however, as a family we are learning that its not always
best to be so busy with stuff and things that we can't enjoy time as a family
and I am starting to find a little sense of a moment of freedom here and there
and it feels so nice.

So stop by for a visit every now and then and see what this fun house it up to.

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