Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Sadie Dog (In Honor of Beethoven)

We got this little missy April of last year when my hubby woke me up from my then usual Saturday sleep in to tell me he wanted to take me to find a pup for my birthday, we had lost both our four legged children over the past year due to old age and after about 3 or 4 months of becoming a no dog house my heart was itching to have a furry friend again. We went to 4 or 5 shelters that day and 2 Petsmart adoption locations and had pretty much decided we weren't taking a anyone home that day, we drove back towards our home from downtown and talked about it, I was determined not to just settle on a dog that didn't feel like it was right (I am a feelings person). My hubby asked if I wanted to drive out to one more shelter that was further out than where we live, I said why not but I wasn't getting my hopes up. We walked in, it was later in the afternoon so the Saturday adoption frenzy had long past, we were met with smiles by the folks at this shelter, they were a great group and went through the whole spill and then asked us what we had in mind and then told us what they had and one man came from the back of the office with a little ball of fur in his hands and they jokingly said you wouldn't want one like this one you? It was love at first site my heart melted and I held her for a little bit while they explained she had just came in with a litter that morning and without saying it they basically broke all the rules for the day on quarantining them because it was Saturday and they didn't have a lot of pups available at the time. She was one of seven and the only one left (poor baby). The group at the front then told me about the couple other pups in the back and recommended I go check them out so I hesitantly gave her back to them (I really was and they thought it was hilarious) and went to the back of the shelter to look at the others my husband was grinning from ear to ear, once we were in the back he looked at me and said you want that pup why are you even looking at anymore? It was true, I knew she was mine and I was ready to take her home, so we went to the front and said I wanted the little one they had at the desk they proceeded to tell me she was no longer available... WHAT? I had only been in the back less than 5 minutes and there was no one else in the building how could she be taken, after a few seconds of no words and a couple giggles one man spoke up and said: you are taking her home with you today right? I smiled and told them they best give me my puppy and so while my little man and I played and cuddled with her in the floor my hubby did all the paperwork, then she got her little chip and first shot there in the office and we were on our way home, she has been my snug bug and my son's best buddy every day since.
She's my little shaggy ragged mutt, reminiscent of Trixie on Lady and the Tramp