Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got my early Valentine, Birthday, Mothers Day gift from my WONDERFUL hubby last night!

I am turning 30 this year and had put a bug in my husbands ear several weeks ago that 30 deserved something special (with a smile) and I really would love a nice camera. Well first of all he actually heard what I said, secondly he took it way more seriously than I thought he would have....

Last night after I put my little boy to bed as soon as I walked out his door my husband asked me if I would go get his phone off our bed, I nicely said yes as he had a 21 hour shift the day previous and I knew he was very tired (although a thought of "lazy" did get in my head) anyway, I open the door and to my wonderful suprise there it was all laid out accessories included.....

A Sony a33 Digital SLT camera and 2 Lenses (18-55 & 55-200) and everything esle I would need to get started, I cried, yes cried. This is the first DSLR (SLT) with a translucent mirror technology, means it takes frames much fast than most others out there which = not having blurry photos of my baby doing what he does, and many more sweet features, I have to learn about them all. My husband of course can tell me all about it as he has been researching every comparable camera which makes it even more special. I am not trying to say he is not thoughtful he very much is, but anyone that knows me knows I am picky and hard to suprise especially by my husband because he wants me to be happy.

I could not believe he got such a nice piece, I mean I didn't even know what I wanted myself yet and already knew I would have to go looking for something used and was perfectly content with that but I got this pretty little thing, I couldn't have been more suprised or pleased.

My hubby is the bestest!!! LOVE YOU BABE!

P.S. He did give me one restriction, he said no furniture photos, well I can't promise that, but my primary subject is always my baby so I think I'll be okay, of course this is once I figure out how to operate it :).

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