Monday, October 31, 2011

The Littlest Scarecrow

My little scarecrow: his pick this year but mommy couldn't be more happy with it because it gave me one more cute costume year :)
He just turned 3 this month and while he of course will always be my baby boy, his ideas are becoming less baby and more big boy every day, he is such a little mess, funny (and knows it), cute of course, has the sweetest little heart, a ladies man already (oh dear), one minute will talk to anyone he passes and the next acts like he can't talk and hides his head, must bless our meals with a simple prayer of "thank you God for out food amen" but has recently decided you got to dress it up for guest and will ad things like "in the name of Jesus Christ" or "thank you God in Christ name" honestly it's hilarious, his current favorite "movie" is busy town mysteries, loves books and to be read to and I could go on about all the cute little things. On the other side of things he tests his boundaries more than ever which can be trying on this mommies patience but usually makes the right choice when given the option.
I love you Jman aka Scarecrow!